1. To promote and protect the rights and interests of the Members of QMSC, and the clubs, competitors, officials and venues associated with Motorised Sport.
  2. To consult, discuss and act upon any matter which enhances the best interests of the stakeholders in motorised Sport in Australasia.
  3. To promote the continuation and development of all forms of automobile and motorised activities for recreation and sport.
  4. To formulate and publish, from time to time, appropriate codes of conduct whereby the Motorised Sport may be promoted and managed in a beneficial and ethical manner, throughout Australia.
  5. To create and maintain continuing communication with Local, State and Federal Government, and other forms of authority and interested parties, to promote the interests and development of Motorised Sport, throughout Australaia.
  6. To maintain continuing communication with the various sources of Motorised Sport finance, insurance, sponsorship and co-promotions, in an effort to preserve the integrity of Motorised Sport and to facilitate those sectors’ continuing, growing and enthusiastic support.
  7. To maintain continuing communication with the community at large, in an effort to preserve and promote the image of Motorised Sport as a recreation, sport and business activity.
  8. To assist in the earning of confidence of the community at large, in their dealings with Members of QMSC in their various capacities.
  9. To maintain constant vigilance against the misrepresentation of the interests, conduct and performance of QMSC, as a collective entity, and of its Members, severally and jointly.
  10. To take all reasonable steps to ensure that potential Members of QMSC understand the benefits of membership being offered, the conditions of such and the fees and charges involved, to enable Members to make an informed choice before seeking membership of QMSC.
  11. To take all reasonable steps to ensure transparency in that Members of QMSC are fully and honestly informed as to the administration, finances, fees and charges associated with the ongoing conduct of QMSC.
  12. To facilitate opportunities for personal, professional and sporting development in Motorised Sport for Members.
  13. To create and organise events, conferences and other occasions which give Members of QMSC an opportunity to network with people of like mind, in their dedication to Motorised Sport in Australia.
  14. To promote communication between QMSC and other similar alliances or organisations.
  15. To discourage the employment of any practice by Members of QMSC, which may lead to vulnerable Members of the community developing a negative attitude towards Motorised Sport in Australia.
  16. To discover, evaluate and promote, and where applicable set, Australian and International standards that contribute to the safety and the safe conduct of Motorised Sport.
  17. To act as a single point of reference and/or negotiation for the promotion of QMSC’s objectives and other topics as may be determined by the Board from time to time.