The Federal Privacy Act protects personal information about individuals and is based on National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Queensland Motorised Sports Council may, at times, collect and use personal information on behalf of clients and is committed to upholding the NPPs in our dealings with and on behalf of our clients.

1. Definition of Terms: personal information is information or an opinion that identifies an individual or allows their identity to be readily identified from the information. It includes information such as a person’s name, address, financial information, martial status or billing details. Sensitive information includes ethnicity, religion, health or marital details.

2. Collection of personal information: when collecting information through forms, surveys or other methods, Queensland Motorised Sports Council will ensure only necessary information is collected; give reasonable notice to respondents about the nature and purpose of the information being collected; allow individuals to submit anonymous responses; and obtain specific consent to collect sensitive information. Any unsolicited personal information provided by an individual will be destroyed.

3. Use and disclosure of personal information: personal information will not be used for anything other than its intended purpose. The sale of personal information is prohibited. Individuals who consent to their details being used for direct marketing purposes will be given the opportunity to opt-out at any stage and removed from Queensland Motorised Sports Council 's database. Personal information on clients or individuals involved in research conducted on behalf of clients will not be disclosed to any other organization, either domestic or international, and may include the client, unless prior consent is given by the individuals involved, and should be made clear to the client prior to undertaking a project.

4. Data maintenance: Queensland Motorised Sports Council 's database will be updated as changes to an individual’s personal information become known. Individuals can seek to have their personal information removed from Queensland Motorised Sports Council 's databases. This action will be undertaken within seven working days of the initial notification and the individual will be advised within ten working days of the notification.

5. Security: client and company databases are password secured and any hardcopies are filed in lockable storage. Initial source documents, such as survey forms or notes, which contain personal information, are shredded once details are recorded in secure databases.

6. Openness: this Privacy Policy outlines Queensland Motorised Sports Council’s processes for dealing with personal information and is available through the website - Any questions should be referred to the Executive Officer.

7. Access and correction: individuals may request access to personal information retained by Queensland Motorised Sports Council. Requests should be referred to the Executive Officer. An electronic copy of the relevant record will be provided to the individual for their review. Requests for amendments shall be dealt with as outlined in Section 4.

8. Compliance and enforcement: in the first instance, complaints by individuals about collection, access, use or storage of personal information by Queensland Motorised Sports Council should be referred to the Executive Officer. Where a complainant is not satisfied with steps taken by Queensland Motorised Sports Council to satisfy a concern, the individual can complain to the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

9. Training and monitoring: the Policy will be reviewed and endorsed each year or as changes are required. In undertaking client research or other communication services, any issues related to information privacy should be raised prior to project commencement.

POLICY NAME: Privacy Policy APPROVED BY: Margaret Goody Executive Officer DATE: 12 March 2014