Defending Motorised Sports Activities and Events

Queensland Motorised Sports Council Inc (QMSC) is a resource to facilitate people and organisations who are enthusiastic about motorised sports activities and events communicating easily with each other.

Our belief is that all motorised sport enthusiasts share the same core passion no matter how we express it.

It has become increasingly difficult for those who support and/or participate in motorised activities to enjoy their chosen recreation – whether it be flying model aircraft, racing or simply enjoying a modified vehicle on the street.

The reason for this is simple: motorised sports are an easy target because of the range of one-sided views in the community about people who enjoy any activity which might make a noise.

QMSC is dedicated to educating people that motorised sports are legitimate recreational activities and create a significant economic benefit to the state. Those partaking in events and enjoying their vehicles should be recognised as much as those who partake in any sporting code or hobby.

Some examples of the issues our community faces:

  1. The former Queensland State government introduced a number of pieces of legislation in early 2012 regarding what was and what was not acceptable in a modification of a motor car; modified the use of club registrations to further limit the amount of enjoyment these car owners can get from their recreational investment; and there are moves afoot that will severely impact on the owners of hot rods.
  2. A number of model aircraft clubs have had to leave locations where they have been accepted for years because of complaints by one or two neighbours who have recently moved into the area.
  3. Groups that bring together young enthusiasts to enjoy their vehicles in a safe environment are targeted by police as their is easy revenue to be raised.

Strength In Numbers

The founders of the QMSC believe that, if we can pull together all of the people who enjoy motorised sports, it will represent a political force of such a size that it will be listened to.

The lack of a credible organisation with one voice representing the many is a major reason that hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy motorised sport recreational activities and events (together with the thousands of companies that support and are supported by motorised recreational activities) have been so poorly dealt with by all levels of governments in the past.

Current research shows the economic reach of the community stretches into the billions of dollars.

QMSC is an incorporated not-for-profit umbrella organisation established to engage with, represent and advocate for and on behalf of the three elements that are essential to grow, support and enjoy motorised sports recreational activities and events. For the first time, these three elements (People, Venues and Organisations) will be represented equally by the QMSC.

Essentially if your passion has an engine we are here to support you and advocate for you.

QMSC provides a forum where companies, clubs, venues and enthusiasts can communicate with one another and governing bodies, including the various levels of government, to ensure the continuing growth and enjoyment of motorised sporting activities and events; at the same time, QMSC will cogently advocate against the ever more restrictive environment that bureaucracies impose on motorised sports activities and events.